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Isi 2021 call, Inail allocates almost 274 million incentives for safety in the workplace in Italy

One month after the conclusion of the electronic procedure for the assignment of the incentives of the Isi 2020 call, Inail allocates a further 273.7 million euros to the companies that invest in prevention for the realization of level improvement projects health and safety in the workplace.

With these additional resources, the total amount allocated by the Institute since 2010 rises to over 2.7 billion. Among the main innovations introduced there are three new types of investment projects that can be financed which concern the reduction of fire risk through prevention and / or protection systems, the reduction of accident risk through the purchase and installation of protection devices for the automatic detection of people and barriers for protection from fixed and self-propelled machines, and the reduction of radon risk thanks to the construction of building works and ventilation systems for ground, basement and underground floors in which this gas is present.

The Inail contribution for each project admitted to funding can cover up to 65% of the costs incurred up to a maximum of 130 thousand euros.


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