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mer 24 lug


Via Cavour, 211

Tavola rotonda: impatto della tecnologia sulle nazioni in via di sviluppo

Mer 24 luglio 20:30 Atticus Rooftop Aperitivo. Le Nazioni Unite, i leader del governo e delle imprese si riuniscono per condividere idee sull'impatto delle tecnologie sui paesi in via di sviluppo. Il ricavato andrà a beneficio della Fondazione Jay Nepal. Organizzato da: Silk Council, Dong and Partners Law Firm, Jay Nepal e DiploRome

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Tavola rotonda: impatto della tecnologia sulle nazioni in via di sviluppo
Tavola rotonda: impatto della tecnologia sulle nazioni in via di sviluppo

Orario & Sede

24 lug 2019, 20:30 – 25 lug 2019, 02:00

Via Cavour, 211, Via Cavour, 211, 00184 Roma RM, Italy

Info sull'evento

Roundtable Discussion: Impact of Technology on Developing Nations

Where: Atticus - Via Cavour 211 Rooftop

When: Wednesday July 24th 20:30

Hosted by: Alberto Luzzi and Marcel Kaminstein

In today's world technology permeates every facet of our life but for many around the world technology is just beginning to seep into daily life. This roundtable discussion between leaders will highlight some of the key topics that each speaker sees as affecting this powerful global change.

Our goal is to share points of view from different organizational leaders as to the impact of technology on emerging nations. This sharing of ideas helps all of us to keep in mind those less fortunate so we can each exponentially impact the world for the better.

Confirmed leaders speaking during the roundtable will collectively be asked a series of 10 open ended questions with 2 minute max responses. Each speaker individually will be asked 2-3 questions during the discussion by the moderators in either english or italian depending on the speakers preference. Guests will be able to ask 2 questions collectively. Moderators will ensure that the conversation stays quick and high level without interjections.

Proposed questions examples:

What emerging technology do you see as having the most profound impact in the near future?

Tell us about a technology that you use in your field that has changed the lives of people in emerging nations.

What are the needs of people in the emerging nations that might be immediately impacted by technology?

What are the challenges your organization faces to helping the emerging nations?

What are the 3 most influential technologies you see for the next 5-10years?

What are 3 things we could do today to help emerging nations?

Moderated by:

-Marcella Lucidi (Lawyer and Former Deputy of the Republic, Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry) [Italian]

-Marcel Kaminstein (President DiploRome, MediaLabCBG) [English]


-Abeer Wreikat (Second Secretary Consul Jordanian Embassy to Italy)

-Saul Andres Pacurucu (Consul Ecuador Embassy to Italy)

-Lifang Dong (Lawyer China-EU expert, President of Silk Council)

-Ivana Gugenbauer (Rural Finance and Investments Expert NGO’s)

-Irena Petkovic (Risk Management WFP)

-Dr. Clarisse Ingabire (Animal Production Officer FAO)

-Alberto Luzzi (President Jay Nepal Foundation)

-Giulio Garulli Bonanni (Cybersecurity, Blockchain Expert)

-Elvira Bortolomiol (CEO Bortolomiol)

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