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Staying South: News for 2022

Staying South 2022 is one of the non-repayable loans dedicated to those who want to start a business in the South. The tool is therefore intended as a response to the need to relaunch the economic fabric of the South. The funds made available amount to a total of 1 billion and 250 million euros.

Who are the beneficiaries of the Rest in the South call?

The beneficiaries of the funding are entrepreneurial and freelance activities in the southern regions and in the areas affected by the earthquake in Central Italy between 2016 and 2017.

For the areas affected by the earthquake, reference is made to the financing action called "I stay here", an extension of the Staying south 2022 package. The minor marine, lagoon and lake islands of the Center-North also benefit from the facilities. Applicants must be residents of the aforementioned areas and must be between 18 and 55 years of age. Furthermore, applicants must not be owners of other companies, must not have received other benefits and finally must not have a permanent employment contract.

What are the activities that can be financed with the Staying South Invitalia call

Staying South 2022 finances various types of entrepreneurial activities. Activities related to the production of goods in the sectors of industry, crafts, the provision of services, freelance activities are financed. From this year, activities related to tourism and trade are also included, with the exception of the sale of goods produced by one's own company. Farms are not eligible for financing.

What are the eligible expenses

Once the funding is credited, the funds can be spent on a limited list of activities. Expenses must include: new machinery and systems; renovation and extraordinary maintenance works; computer programs and technological services; management fees including consumables, utilities and rental fees. Each beneficiary can receive a loan equal to a maximum of 50 thousand euros, in the case of a company made up of several applicants up to a maximum of 200 thousand euros. The loan fully covers the expenses and consists of a non-repayable grant equal to 35% of the investment and a zero-interest loan equal to 65% of the investment. The implementation of the projects must be completed within two years of receiving the funding.

How to apply for the fund

The application for funding must be completed and submitted exclusively online through the Invitalia platform by clicking on this link: .

The application must be accompanied by a business plan of the company you want to start and all the documentation within 60 days of submission. There are no calls, rankings or deadlines: applications are evaluated in chronological order of arrival. Once the application has been sent, Invitalia will review the requirements and arrange an interview with the applicants.

This will take place through the Skype for Business platform. If your application is accepted, the bank loan is immediate, while the non-repayable loan is allocated for work progress that can be paid after completing half of the program.


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