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Simest resumes non-repayable grants for the internationalization of Italian companies

Updated: May 14, 2021

From June 3, 2021 Simest makes non-repayable export grants available to Italian companies. These are funds set up to support the recovery of the Italian economy supported by the Fund 394/81 managed by SIMEST, activated already in 2020 (Pact for export).

Grants can be requested online by filling in forms and with the digital signature of the legal representative of the applicant company. For the financing it is necessary to introduce a project, possibly prepared with qualified consultancy support (except for capitalization). The disbursement of the grant will take place directly from Simest without the need for an intermediary.

The requested loans will be granted under the Temporary Framework and there will be the possibility of requesting a total of up to € 800,000 as a grant. It is possible to request multiple grants and the same grant several times (with the exception of capitalization) within some limits. If the grant is requested by 30/06/2021, no guarantee is required from Simest.

Funds will be obtained in chronological order (from 3 June 2021) in relation to the date of submission of the application, until funds are exhausted.

The implementing decrees will be announced in the second half of May 2021 but are presumed to be the same as those of 2020 (with the possible exception of the capitalization).

Here is the summary of the general rules for 2020:

the loans granted will be partly non-repayable (40% is assumed) and the remaining loans at a subsidized rate of around 0.05 / 0.07%. The lines of intervention are: Temporary Export Manager, Insertion of foreign markets, Feasibility studies, International trade fairs and missions, E-commerce, Technical assistance programs, Capitalization.

Please refer to the Minding Webinar of May 4, 2021 for more information. View it here


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