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PNRR SIMEST opens the “Digital and Ecological Transition” loan to medium-sized enterprises.

From April 27 pre-opening of the operational Portal for the uploading of applications. Dispatch from May 3rd. Early closure of the Platform on May 10 for all types of financing.

SIMEST, a CDP Group company for the internationalization of Italian companies, announces that important changes to the "Digital and Ecological Transition" PNRR tool will soon be operational.

In fact, starting from April 27, the number of beneficiaries of the measure widens and the maximum amount that can be requested for funding is increased. SIMEST disburses the subsidized loan through the Fund 394 / PNRR managed in agreement with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. on European resources. Changes that are aimed at encouraging the technological innovation processes also of medium-structured companies, which will thus be able to act as a driving force for supply chains made up of small and micro enterprises.

Opening to medium-sized enterprises and increase of the ceiling to € 1mln.

From April 27, the "Digital and Ecological Transition" tool, initially aimed at supporting investments in technology and sustainability of SMEs alone, will also be extended to mid-cap companies (i.e. those not qualifying as SMEs and with a number of employees up to 1,500 units). On the other hand, the other two PNRR loans remain exclusively dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises: “Fairs and Exhibitions” and “E-Commerce”.

Parallel to the enlargement of the audience of beneficiaries of the "Digital and Ecological Transition" loan, the ceiling of the maximum total amount that can be requested is raised, which goes from 300 thousand euros to 1 million euros: therefore, those who have already applied in recent months for smaller amounts it will have the possibility to integrate the loan up to the new threshold.

Pre-opening April 27. Applications will be sent from May 3 and Portal closes on May 10.

To facilitate the application upload process, the pre-opening mechanism of the SIMEST Operating Portal, already tested last October, at the start of PNRR operations is proposed again: starting from Apri 27l and until May 2 it will be possible to pre-upload funding applications. Applications can be sent from May 3 and will end on May 10, the last day - also for other types of PNRR funding - of the Platform's operation, which therefore closes earlier than the May 31 previously scheduled.

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