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New SIMEST opportunities to support Italian companies exporting to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

Simest has arranged for the opening of a new line of financing to support Italian companies exporting to Ukraine, the Russian Federation and Belarus, which have suffered a loss in turnover since the outbreak of the conflict.

These are zero-interest loans with a non-repayable share of up to 40%, granted in any case within the limits of the overall maximum amount of subsidy under the Temporary Crisis Framework.

Applications can be submitted starting from July 12, 2022 and until October 31, 2022. The beneficiaries are SMEs, Italian Mid Caps and large companies set up in the form of limited liability companies, which:

  • Have an average export turnover in the three-year period 2019-2021 deriving from direct exports to Ukraine, the Russian Federation and / or Belarus equal to at least 20% of the total turnover of the three-year period;

  • Have found a decrease in turnover from the three areas which, at the end of the 2022 financial year, must be at least equal to 20% of the average turnover achieved in the three geographies in the previous three years;

  • Have filed at least three financial statements relating to three complete financial years with the Business Register.

The minimum amount that can be financed will be equal to € 50,000 up to a maximum of € 1,500,000 depending on the scoring class, but cannot in any case exceed 25% of the average revenues resulting from the last two financial statements approved and filed by the company.

The duration of the loan will be six years, two of which are pre-amortization.


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