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New Italian visa for digital nomads and remote workers

The art. 6 quinquies of law no. 55/2022, which converted into law the law decree n.4 / 2022 Sostegni ter introduced in the Italian legal system a new type of visa for digital nomads and remote workers, not belonging to the European Union (Article 27 letter q- bis of Legislative Decree 286/98 Italian law on immigration).

The latter are defined as "citizens of a third country who carry out highly qualified work activities through the use of technological tools that allow them to work remotely, autonomously or for a company even not resident in the territory of the Italian State".

This type of visa can be granted to both self-employed and subordinate workers and is not subject to the quota limit.

The work permit is not required and the residence permit, upon acquisition of the entry visa, is issued for a period not exceeding one year, provided that the holder has the availability of health insurance, to cover all risks in the national territory, and that the fiscal and contributory provisions in force according the national law are respected.

By decree of the Minister of the Interior, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Minister of Tourism and Minister of Labor and Social Policies, the procedures and requirements for issuing the residence permit to digital nomads will be defined, including the categories of highly qualified workers who can benefit from the permit, the minimum income limits of the applicant as well as the procedures necessary for verifying the work to be performed.

Italy thus joins the countries that already provide this type of visa such as: Estonia, Portugal, Greece, Malta and Spain.

Avv. Lifang Dong and Avv. Chiara Civitelli

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