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Macron presents the "France 2030" plan

On October 12, 2021 French President Emmanuel Macron presented the “France 2030” investment plan, the ten objectives of which aim to produce and live better in the country.

The sectors of the future are those of excellence in the French economy, namely the automotive, aerospace, digital, green industry, biotechnology, culture and health sectors.

The plan has resources of 30 billion euros, which will be distributed over five years, 3-4 billion of which will be spent already in 2022.

Of these, 8 billion euros will be allocated to the energy sector, 4 for the transport of the future, 2 for the food sector, 3 for the health sector and 2 for space and the seabed.

Read the original document on:Presentation of the “France 2030” plan


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