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Italian Tax peace for income up to 30,000 euros: application by October 31, 2021

Italian Law Decree 41/2021, converted into Law 69/2021, introduced a tax amnesty for all tax bills up to 5,000 euros relating to the period between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2010. The amnesty applies exclusively to taxpayers with incomes not exceeding 30,000 euros in 2019 and will take place automatically by October 31, 2021 following checks carried out by the Italian Tax Agency on the data of the single certifications and the tax returns in their databases.

The same Italian Agency with circular no. 11 / E of September 22, 2021 clarified how to calculate the income limit to benefit from the tax amnesty. The reference income for tax concessions is included in the calculation, including lease property income and self employed income subject to a flat rate tax. On the other hand, the amounts relating to the deduction for the main residence and other deductible charges are excluded from the calculation of income limit.

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