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Italy Start up Visa

Italian Start up Visa is a 1-year visa for non-EU citizens who intend to establish in Italy an innovative startup company, having the availability of at least € 50,000 to invest in creating a new company or at least € 100,000 for joining an existing start-up.

Application can be submitted directly or through a certified incubator. In order to obtain a startup visa, you first need a Nulla Osta (certificate of no impediment) released by the Italy startup visa Committee at Italian Ministry of Economic Development. Afterwards, you can go to the Italian representation in your country of origin to apply for a 1-year visa. The Italian flow decree 2021, published last January 17, 2022, established a quota of 500 permits reserved for entrepreneurs who intend to set up innovative start-ups in Italy.

Innovative start-ups must have the following features to be enrolled in a special section of the Italian Company Registry:

  • New business, or operational for no longer than 5 years;

  • have its head office in Italy;

  • Yearly turnover under € 5 millions;

  • Not distribution of profits;

  • Not have been created from a corporate merger or division or following the divestment of a company or line of business;

  • Meet at least one of the following additional criteria:

    • allocate at least 15% of its costs to research and development (R&D) activity;

    • have at least one third of its team composed of PhD students or graduates, or of personnel who have been working in research for at least 3 years; alternatively, at least two thirds should hold a master’s degree;

    • be the owner or licensee of a patent, an industrial design or a software

Start up companies can obtain tax and labour benefict and facilities to access bank credit or other funding resources.

Avv. Lifang Dong and Avv. Chiara Civitelli

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