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Italian citizenship: After 7 years, Court ruled that the reason for denying the request is unfounded

T.A.R. for Lazio, sentence no. 5449 of 3 May 2022

The T.A.R. for Lazio annuls the measure refusing the application for the granting of Italian citizenship.

The measure had been challenged in 2015 and after a good seven years, this ruling constitutes for many foreign citizens applying for citizenship a good step forward against "that so-called confidential character of the acts of the public administration..." that are not

always grounds for a denial.

In this case, the applicant had been considered dangerous insofar as he was close to "movements whose aims could not be reconciled with the security of the Republic", but in the College's examination it emerged that there was a lack of "any factual element whatsoever" to enhance this statement, to the point of being defined as "totally absent" and "translating, on closer inspection, into a totally tautological assumption".

Prof. Avv. Paolo Iafrate

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