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From October 15, 2021 new obligation to use the Green Pass in the workplace in Italy

On September 16, 2021, the Italian Council of Ministers approved a Law decree that introduces the obligation of the Green Pass and the strengthening of the control system in public and private workplaces.

The obligation concerns those who work in the private sector, the staff of public administrations, independent authorities, Consob, Covip, Bank of Italy, public economic bodies and bodies of constitutional importance, holders of elective or institutional positions, external subjects who carry out their work or training activities in Public Administrations.

The controls will be carried out by the employers, who will have to define the relevant procedures and organization by October 15, 2021. Controls can preferably be carried out on access to the workplace and also on a sample basis. Employers also identify the persons in charge of ascertaining and contesting any violations.

Anyone without the Green Pass at the time of entering the workplace is considered unjustified absent without the right to salary. Anyone who enters the workplace in violation of the Green Pass obligation is subject to a pecuniary sanction ranging from 600 to 1500 euros plus any further disciplinary consequences provided for by the various legal systems to which they belong.

The Green Pass obligation does not extend to lawyers, consultants, experts and other auxiliaries of the judge, witnesses and parties to the trial for access to judicial offices.

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