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Entertainment, wedding, HORECA: the criteria for benefiting from the contributions published

In the Italian Official Gazette of February 19, 2022, the Decree of December 30, 2021 of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development was published containing the criteria and procedures for the provision of contributions to companies operating in the sectors of wedding, entertainment and the organization of ceremonies and of the Hotellerie-Restaurant-Catering (HORECA).

The resources made available are equal to 60,000,000.00 euros, and are disbursed in the form of a grant, which will not contribute to the formation of the tax base for income taxes.

Those who, in 2020, have suffered a reduction in turnover of no less than 30% compared to the turnover of 2019, and who have registered, in the 2020 tax period, a worsening of the economic result for the year to an equal or greater extent will benefit from the measure. to the percentage defined by the Decree of the Italian Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF) adopted pursuant to art. 1, paragraph 19, of the Decree Law of 25 May 2021.


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