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EMO fair in Milan (machine tools)

During a press conference, Alfredo Mariotti, Director of the Italian Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers (UCIMU) presented the next edition of the EMO fair in Milan, the most important world event of this type of machinery, which will be held in Milan from 4th to 9th October 2021. Briefly, he indicated some data of the sector, in which Italy is one of the world leaders both as a producing country and as an exporter which in 2020 has undergone a contraction of about 20% but which since the beginning of 2021 is already recovering, above all thanks the recovery of orders from the domestic market and the growing demand from Asian countries (China and Japan in the lead). The most modern technologies relating to the world of metalworking will be exhibited in Milan on the occasion of EMO, in the 100,000 square meters. of the exhibition halls of Rho Pero. It is the first major international trade fair to be held in attendance, with the participation of hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world and over 70,000 visitors from over 100 countries are expected.


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