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Emilia Romagna: a platform will provide the right support to the fashion sector

The Regional Councilor for Economic Development and Labor of Emilia Romagna, Vincenzo Colla, announced his intention by next June to relaunch the textile and footwear sectors by focusing on research and development thanks to a platform.

The Italian Region currently has more than 7,700 manufacturing companies with about 38,000 employees, an export of 7.7 billion euros, 21% of national exports, to which must be added more than 25,000 companies employing almost 50,000 employees for the tertiary component, for a total of almost 33,000 companies and 87,000 employees. For this reason, Confindustria, Cna, Confartigianato, trade union organizations, universities, Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna, Carpi Fashion System, San Mauro Pascoli district with Cercal, the institutions and the Fashion Research Italy Foundation (FFRI) will sit around the table with the Italian Region. The Fashion Research Italy Foundation next autumn will launch "Sustainability point 4.0: research, training and innovation for the sustainable and digital turnaround of craft fashion companies", a project worth 195 thousand euros that the Region has financed with a contribution of 101 thousand euro. It is a concrete support tool that to convert manufacture processes in a sustainable perspective that FFRI proposes to support thanks to the consultation of textile materials and accessories with sustainability characteristics, coming from the catalog of Italian suppliers more committed to the green field, leading expert consultants and updating the resources to be dedicated to this asset.

In fact, Mr. Colla states: "We must have a clear picture of the current situation in the Emilia-Romagna fashion sector. So we can understand what direction we want to give to the sector, in light of the strong push towards digitalization and environmental sustainability. Facing this great change, we do not want to limit ourselves to managing crises, but we should have a vision of the future in the name of sustainability, skills, internationalization, technological and material innovation, and design. From the PNRR and from Europe there will be huge resources for research, sustainability and digital. We also want to address them in the world of fashion to relaunch the sector after the pandemic, focusing more and more on quality, as well as on the creativity and exclusivity of the Made in Italy product ".


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