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Digital Export Bonus: MAECI and ICE launch the program that supports Italian export

The call for tenders will be open until July 15, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) and the Italian Trade Agency (ICE), launching the new Digital Export Bonus program.

This is a program that intends to support the digitalization processes of manufacturing micro-enterprises, facilitate their access to the digitalization of internationalization processes, and integrate with other ICE services such as e-commerce platforms or traceability on blockchain technology. The bonus finances the expenses for the purchase of digital solutions for export (hardware, software, training and services) through a voucher for micro-enterprises up to 4,000 euros (against expenses of not less than 5,000 euros, VAT esc.), and up to 22,500 euros if set up in the form of networks or consortia (against admissible expenses of not less than 25,000 euros, VAT excluded).

The objective of the bonus is to develop the internationalization activity of manufacturing micro-enterprises based in Italy. The voucher will be managed with the support of Invitalia.


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