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Call by Unioncamere of Emilia Romagna Region for export development

The Digital Export 2022 call supports micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, with registered office and / or operational headquarters and active in Emilia-Romagna Region (excluding warehouses and deposits), with primary or secondary Ateco Code belonging to category C (divisions from 10 to 33 ), Exporting and non-exporting.

In addition, the beneficiary companies must be registered and incorporated with the competent Chamber of Commerce by 2019, in compliance with the “Durc” and the payment of the Chamber of Commerce fees, with a minimum turnover of 500 thousand euros, taken from the latest financial statements.

The call is aimed primarily at exporting and non-exporting companies that have not benefited from contributions under the Digital Export Call - year 2020 and 2021 and only secondary, to those that have benefited from previous contributions.

Types of admitted investments

The Digital Export 2022 Call supports promotion projects on one or at most two foreign markets, divided into at least 2 of the following areas of activity:

  • Temporary Export Manager and Digital Export Manager

  • Certifications

  • B2B and B2C (business development)

  • Fairs and conferences

  • Digital Marketing

  • Online business

  • Company website

The minimum expense amount must be at least € 10,000. Services provided to the beneficiary company by companies belonging to the same group or with control / connection relationships are not admitted to the Digital Export 2022 Call.

Facilitation provided by the Digital Export 2022 Call

The call offers a grant equal to 50% of the admitted expenses, starting from a minimum amount of € 5,000 and up to a maximum amount of € 15,000.

Expiration of the call for internationalization

The desk for the presentation of applications will open from 9.00 on February 10 until 14.00 on March 1, 2022.

The projects will be selected on the basis of a ranking evaluation procedure, with final score. Only one application will be accepted for each company.


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