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Visa Facilitation Measures for Applicants Inoculated with China's Covid-19 Vaccines

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

China, through its diplomatic network, has announced facilities for issuing visas to foreigners who have been inoculated a Chinese vaccine against Covid-19. There are also additional entry fees for family reunification with Chinese citizens or foreigners with a permanent residence permit in China.

China currently has its own vaccines approved by 24 countries and about 70 trials in phase two. In Europe, vaccines produced in China have only been distributed in Hungary and Serbia at the moment.

Outside Europe, the main beneficiaries of Chinese vaccines are: United Arab Emirates, Chile and Turkey.

In the last plenary session of the National People’s Congress of China, the proposal for a "digital health passport" was launched. This is aimed at the monitoring of passenger health data (Covid test and vaccination status).

Similar initiatives are also being studied in the European Union. This could help relaunch tourism and international mobility.

Notice published on the website of the Chinese Embassy in Italy

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