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Olive growing: € 30 million to build new plants and modernize existing ones

€ 30 million are coming for the olive sector, and specifically € 10 million for support for the construction of new olive groves, € 20 million for investments for the modernization of existing plants.

Agea operating instructions have been published which define the procedures for submitting applications for grants provided for in the Decree of 23 November 2021 "Interventions for the olive sector pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 128, of the law of 30 December 2020, n. 178 establishing the "Fund for the development and support of agricultural, fishing and aquaculture sectors" (GU General Series No. 5 of 8/1/2022).

The aim of the provision is to encourage aggregation in the olive-oil sector, increase the national production of olives, increasing the overall sustainability of the supply chain. The request for support can be filed starting from 14 to 31 March next, and can be accessed olive producers associated with POs recognized pursuant to the Ministerial Decree. n. 617/2018 having the interesting agricultural areas contained in the active company file and entered in Sian. The areas concerned for eligibility for the contribution must be no less than 2 hectares.


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