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Italian government approved new anti-Covid 19 measures for economic recovery

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Considering the new increases of infections in Italy, the Italian Council of Ministers met on July 22, 2021 to take urgent measures to deal with the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 and for the safe exercise of social and economic activities (Law decree).

It was decided to extend the national state of emergency until December 31, 2021 and new ways of using the Green Pass and new parameters for the color change of the Regions in the different risk bands were decided.

New measures were also adopted for the conduct of cultural shows and sporting events, a fund was set up for ballrooms and finally it was decided to reduce the price of swabs according to a memorandum of understanding defined with pharmacies and other health facilities valid until 30 September 2021.

The President Mario Draghi, at the end of the Council of Ministers, held a press conference with the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia.

Use of the Green Pass and sanctions

From August 6, 2021 to carry out some activities you will need to be in possession of:

1. Covid-19 green certifications (Green Pass), proving the inoculation of at least the first Sars-CoV-2 vaccine dose or recovery from Sars-CoV-2 infection (valid for 6 months)

2. carrying out a rapid molecular or antigen test with a negative result for the Sars-CoV-2 virus (valid for 48 hours)

The activities subject to this obligation are:

  • Catering services carried out by any establishment for consumption at the table indoors

  • Shows open to the public, sporting events and competitions

  • Museums, other institutes and places of culture and exhibitions;

  • Swimming pools, swimming centers, gyms, team sports, wellness centers, even within accommodation facilities, limited to indoor activities;

  • Festivals and fairs, conferences and congresses;

  • Spas, theme and amusement parks;

  • Cultural centers, social and recreational centers, limited to indoor activities and with the exception of educational centers for children, summer centers and related catering activities;

  • Gaming rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos;

  • Public competitions.

The owners or managers of the activities indicated above are required to verify that access to these services takes place upon presentation of a valid green pass or negative test. In the event of a violation, a fine of between 400 and 1,000 euros may be raised for both the operator and the user. If the violation was repeated three times on three different days, the activity could be closed from 1 to 10 days.

New parameters for the color change of the Regions

To evaluate the passage of a Region between the different risk areas (white, yellow, orange and red) in addition to the incidence of infections, two other parameters will also be evaluated:

  1. the occupancy rate of beds in the medical area for patients affected by Covid-19,

  2. the occupancy rate of Intensive Care Unit beds for Covid-19 patients.

Measures for carrying out cultural activities

In the white and yellow area, the shows open to the public in theaters, cinemas and other venues or spaces, even outdoors, are carried out exclusively with pre-assigned seats and on condition that the interpersonal distance of at least one meter is ensured for participants who are not habitually cohabiting, both for the staff. Access is allowed after showing a valid green pass.

In the white area, the permitted capacity cannot exceed 50 percent of the maximum authorized outdoors and 25 percent indoors in the case of events with a number of spectators greater than 5,000 outdoors and 2,500 indoors, respectively.

In the yellow zone, the permitted capacity cannot exceed 50 percent of the maximum authorized and the maximum number of participants cannot in any case exceed 2,500 for outdoor shows and 1,000 for indoor shows, for each single room .

Measures for sporting events

In the white area, the permitted capacity cannot exceed 50 percent of the maximum authorized outdoors and 25 percent indoors.

In the yellow zone, the permitted capacity cannot exceed 25 percent of the maximum authorized and, in any case, the maximum number of spectators cannot exceed 2,500 for outdoor systems and 1,000 for indoor systems.

Avv. Lifang Dong and Avv. Chiara Civitelli

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